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  • Diheema Gindrow - Mar 02 2017

    I was award winning 2012 and I am still up on his website with my same smile thank you dr. Farrow

  • Veronica Anderson - Sep 22 2016

    Just thanking you for the awesome work done on my daughters teeth, she loves the new look and so do we... Thanks again

  • monique Simon - Aug 02 2016

    Back for round 2 with my favorite orthodontist! Always feels like family here!

  • Ursula Thompson - Jul 28 2016

    Excellent Dr & staff!

  • Derrick - Jul 28 2016

    Great service. Great team. incredibly pleasant throughout the entire office.

  • Corey - Jul 26 2016

    I've been coming to Dr.Farrow for about 2years and it feels like home. Everyone is friendly and helpful and the office is clean. He does very good work and I'm very pleased on how my teeth is coming along from where I'm started.

  • Curtis Callands - Jul 14 2016

    Great service and work

  • Candice - Jul 14 2016

    At 32 years old I struggled with the idea of getting braces. Dr. Farrow and his pleasant staff welcomed me and made me feel comfortable. His staff helped me understand my insurance and made my payment plan easy to afford.

  • peter kuzma - Jul 13 2016

    great staff. organized and proffesional office. good communications with Dr Farrow.

  • Tamika Davis - Jul 12 2016

    I love coming to Dr. Farrow's office! The staff are very pleasant and professional! The office clean and the techs work very fast! I especially like Leigh! She's great! Very glad to have went with Dr. Farrow as my orthodontist!!

  • Cierra Wright - Jul 09 2016

    Great place friendly enviornment! Fast service couldnt ask for a better place to go for orthodonist.

  • Kahlila - Jul 06 2016

    I would recommend Dr. Farrow as your orthodontist. He does a great job. I love my new smile!

  • Antwyne - Jun 16 2016

    I had the best experience with dr Farrow and my teeth look great!!!

  • Naseem Robinson - Jun 01 2016

    Great Service I highly recommend Dr. Farrow and his staff!

  • Briana Miles - May 25 2016

    Awesome Service!!!!!!!

  • Stacey - May 25 2016

    Love the staff! Dr. Farrow was great and helpful during my long trips abroad. I would absolutely recommend their services. Oh and my smile is amazing!!!!!! Thank you!!!

  • Stephen Mordecai - May 24 2016

    5 stars Dr farrow did a great job.

  • imani - May 20 2016

    I love the result of my teeth , I love the service here at Dr a Farrows office . It's great !!! Than you very much

  • Naeyanna hill - May 11 2016

    Best orthodontist you will meet the office is beautiful and they are very family oriented. I think that this is the best office for you!!!

  • Maerone Alfa - May 09 2016

    I'm so pleased with the results I've gotten. Also the staff is personable and gets you in and out for your appointment so efficiently. Couldn't have asked for a better environment.

  • Tahir Marsh - Apr 20 2016

    Dr Farrow's orthodontist office is very reliable. The workers here are very kind and welcoming and do a very good job on making sure you get a great smile. If I had to get braces a second time I'd choose this place for sure.

  • Judy battle - Apr 04 2016

    Excellent service!!!!!!! Great staff!

  • Brandon Gallashaw - Feb 03 2016

    You did a great job Dr. Farrow. I love my smile and I now have more confidence with it.

  • Victoria Bilotti - Jan 11 2016

    Such nice people! I wouldn't want to go to any other orthodontist.

  • Taylor and Steven Seibert - Dec 09 2015

    The office and the people here are amazing!

  • Victor A Carr Jr. - Nov 16 2015

    Great service I am very satisfied with my ending results

  • Stephen Calvarese - Nov 09 2015

    The best place to get orthodontist work done. The staff are extremely nice and the Doc knows his stuff. I would give this office 10 stars if I could.

  • Shavonne glass - Nov 09 2015

    Dr. Farrow and his staff do amazing work here! It has been a smooth experience with a comfortable environment.

  • Myiesha walton - Nov 04 2015

    Dr. Farrow and staff are amazing people and do a wonderful job. Everyone welcomes you with open arms and makes you feel loved.

  • Janice - Nov 02 2015

    I really like this place because Dr. Farrow is very professional, he does his job very quickly and effectively. The staffs are very friendly and cooperative too. Definitely recommend this place!

  • Marsha Corelien - Oct 22 2015

    Thank you for ALWAYS providing me with world class service. VERY professional staff!!!!

  • Ricardo Newell - Sep 02 2015

    The service here always exceeds my expectations. Every time I come for a visit, I leave with a smile

  • Briana.M - Aug 26 2015

    Excellent service!!!!!!!!!

  • Thai Dashiell - Aug 26 2015

    The best in the city .

  • Rosita C DeJesus - Aug 12 2015

    My dentist referred me to Dr. farrow, some three years ago and I believe I am truly in the best hands possible. Dr. farrow and his staff are so very good at what they all do. Then there's is Mrs. Daniele I do enjoy working with. She is very knowledgeable,caring with what she does and she and all the other employees are so friendly, capable and always helpful. They all work so well together, like a well oiled machine. I came with a lot of issue regarding my teeth and when I was half way through, I was happy with my results and the braces weren't even ready to come off...LOL I like that the office is close to my home, with two locations to choose from, and they keep a very clean and friendly environment. I look forward to going each time I have an appointment. I really, really recommend anyone who is looking for a friendly, knowledgeable and caring Orthodontist, please don't hesitate to contact Dr. Farrow and his excellent team. Tell them Rosita sent you aka referred ...LOL.

  • Jewel Williams - Aug 12 2015

    They always make sure that you are comfortable. They are very friendly and welcoming. I would definitely refer my friends and family here.

  • Brenda Smith-Thomas - Aug 12 2015

    It's very respectful and very polite

  • Tynesha - Aug 12 2015

    My teeth looks good & My visit was great as well.

  • Hasiyna Carroll - Aug 12 2015

    I had an Amazing experience here with Dr. Farrow !! Now I have a beautiful smile :)

  • Keith - Aug 06 2015

    Excellent customer experience.. Staff is outstanding. Very customer friendly. Would recommend Dr Farrow to anyone needing braces.

  • Barb a - Aug 06 2015

    Dr. Farrow's office staff are the most respectful and hospitable group of medical groups I have ever seen or interacted with. We are also really satisfied with the orthodontic work our daughter received. I mean this! We have a large family and have been in many offices. I highly recommend this practice!

  • Kathryn lee - Aug 05 2015

    The work done was excellent and the service was also excellent and I would definitely recommend doctor I am so thankful that I took this step to improve my smile! Dr. Farrow and his staff made this process easy and surprisingly enjoyable. I would recommend this office to anyone! A million thanks for my new smile!

  • Danielle Jernigan - Aug 05 2015

    I am so thankful that I took this step to improve my smile! Dr. Farrow and his staff made this process easy and surprisingly enjoyable. I would recommend this office to anyone! A million thanks for my new smile!

  • iris decos - Jan 14 2015

    Ourstanding customer service. the staff is awesome!!!!!!! Dr. Farrow is the best othodontist ever everyone gets treated like family here...... I highly recommend dr. Farrow to everyone who needs Braces... They always make sure you are comfortable here...

  • Mattie Johnson - Jan 12 2015

    First, everyone in the office is always courteous and helpful, whether you're a new patient or a returning one. My braces have been off for almost ten years. I noticed that my gap was beginning to spread open, so made an appointment. Dr. Farrow had me trade off the Invisalign retainer for a wire one. I was fitted within 15 minutes and by the time I arrived home later in the day, I could tell that the gap had closed a bit(happy dance!).

  • Kwane Glover - Dec 30 2014

    Dr. Farrow office is awesome. He has a beautiful and courteous staff whom are very helpful in creating an easy ortho experience. His staff will allow you to make an affordable payment. And Dr. Farrow is a kind warm hearted individual as well.

  • Dawn Woodley - Dec 17 2014

    Friendly & Professional.

  • Jori Martin - Dec 17 2014

    World class service :)

  • Naeyanna hill - Dec 15 2014

    Dr. Farrow is the best othodontist ever everyone gets treated like family here...... I highly recommend dr. Farrow to everyone who needs Braces... They always make sure you are comfortable here... Everyone is awesome here

  • Aminah Abdur Rahman - Mar 20 2014

    Thank you Dr Farrow for my beautiful smile!!. My teeth look amazing. i get so many compliments on them, I'm so happy that I decided to get braces with you. You are the best.

  • Cesar - Mar 11 2014

    I had a wonderful experience at Dr Farrow's, may straight teeth makes me smile again I cant believe all the compliments I get, this was a tough case. Thank you Dr Farrow and staff for such a great job, I can now smile and not be embarrass.

  • Stephanie Fabricius - Mar 11 2014

    I'm not one to take the time to leave a review but I have to give credit to this Orthodontist. Dr. Farrow is not only great with adults, he is also amazing with kids! He is kind and understanding of the nervousness that comes along with getting braces and explains the process and what to expect. He makes sure all your questions are answered! We couldn't have asked for better and we are very pleased with the results!

  • Polina Bukovsky - Mar 10 2014

    I'm loving my new smile! Thanks to Dr. Farrow and his friendly staff I am able to smile and show my teeth without being embarrassed. You guys made it so comfortable and easy for me in the 2 years I had braces and I can't thank you enough!

  • Elena Umansky - Mar 10 2014

    I am so happy I chose Dr. Farrow as my orthdontist. His attention to detail and the pride he has in his work is palpable. I love the results of that, My teeth look amazing! Thank you Dr Farrow for my beautiful smile :)))

  • Claudia Martinez - Mar 10 2014

    I wake up every morning and go straight to the mirror. Just to look at my brand new beautiful smile. It feels so good to finally have straight teeth. There is a definite higher level of confidence when you have a great smile. Thanks Doctor Farrow and staff you guys are great!!!

  • David Menaged - Mar 10 2014

    Dr. Farrow is great. He took really good care of me. I would always try to get my braces off early, but he insisted I keep them on for longer. His level of attention to detail and precision was on point. Im happy he insisted cause my teeth look amazingly straight now. Thanks Doc and Staff!!!

  • Diana Menaged - Mar 10 2014

    I had a great experience with Dr. Farrow and his staff. My life has changed ever since my smile changed. I get so many compliments and my level of confidence has grown tremendously. I owe it all to Dr. Farrow and his staff. I feel happier now with my bright straight new smile. Thanks Doctor Farrow and Staff!!!